5 Summertime Skin Care Myths Derailed By A Local Specialist

Best Skin Care: What’s in That Cream You’re Putting on Your Face?

Mark Hyman, MD

Peeling off those dead, blocked layers of skin will help your skin stay healthy and vibrant and stimulate new cell growth. It is true, however, that even with a mild peel, youre taking off up to 35 layers of skin, so you are more exposed and may want to spend more time inside after a peel, and certainly keep re-applying a good sunscreen made for sensitive skin after a peel. But proper exfoliation, particularly during the summer months – with all the gook that can build up on and in your skin – is essential. Myth No. 3: Retinol treatments are terrific for exfoliation – not to mention the best topical line and wrinkle zappers. Cardarelli: Yes, retinol is absolutely terrific for exfoliation and line and wrinkle reduction, but because it does make the skin photosensitive, you could end up with more sun damage if you use it during the summer months, when youre more exposed to the sun than at any other time of the year.
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Keli Kerr – Santa Ana Skin Care Examiner – Skin Care

Well, there are dozens of products on the market available to… Treat Yourself; Facials At Home May 18, 2011 What to do when you cant get to the spa? Working as a skin care specialist, clients always ask what skin care treatments can I do at home when I cannot get to the spa or when… Why I love Kate Somerville products and why you will too! March 16, 2011 As a skin specialist, I encounter so many different skin care products it can bogglethe mind. There are so many good ones out there andmany that are not so great but it helps to know…
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The next most common ingredient is something called Glycerin . It is also a moisturizer and acts as a humectant, which means that it attracts water from the upper layers of the skin down into the deeper layers to restore the water levels to your skin. In summary, Petrolatum, Dimethicone and Glycerin, or similar closely related ingredients, form the primary foundation of most skin care products to which other compatible agents are added to perform different functions. Think of them as a vehicle to deliver other products to the skin. For example, almost all sunscreens contain these same three basic ingredients. This “skin care vehicle” also carries other products used in the battle against aging and wrinkling skin. “Antioxidants” have been proven to protect skin against photo damage and premature aging.
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